Group of patients in outpatient addiction treatment

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Timeline

Detox is the first step toward recovery from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. Choosing the best detox program depends upon your unique needs and the severity of your substance use disorder. Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone and are determined by the type of substance, length of use, and amount in your system upon…

Group therapy at a new jersey outpatient rehab center

What to Expect from Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Millions of people suffer from substance use disorders (SUD). Treatment for substance use disorders generally falls into inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient rehab is intensive, 24-hour supervised treatment in a residential setting. Outpatient rehab is a part-time treatment option that enables individuals to receive substance abuse treatment while maintaining regular daily routines. Not everyone struggling…

Doctor explaining medication assisted treatment

What Are the Anti-Craving Medicines Used in MAT?

Studies show that individuals with an opioid use disorder (OUD) who attempt total abstinence following detox are significantly more likely to relapse than individuals with other addictions. Relapse is a normal part of the recovery process. However, relapsing on opioids carries a higher risk for fatal overdoses. Because of the power of opioids, individuals with…

Woman standing in a mat rehab

Can I Maintain Employment While in MAT?

Opioid and alcohol addiction are serious problems that affect millions of Americans from all walks of life. While many addiction rehab programs believe that total abstinence is critical to recovery, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is becoming more widely accepted, especially for treating opioid and alcohol addictions. Current research shows numerous benefits to incorporating MAT into comprehensive…

doctor explaining the benefits of a mat program in new jersey

3 Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) refers to using federally approved medications to help treat substance use disorders, specifically opioid and alcohol addictions. While still controversial, recent research indicates that carefully monitored MAT is highly effective as part of a comprehensive, individualized approach to addiction treatment. This combination of interventions helps address addiction’s physical, psychological, social, and emotional…

Individuals sitting in a mental health group therapy session

How Group Therapy Will Help Your Mental Health

Psychotherapy is an integral part of treatment for co-occurring disorders. Along with individual therapy, most addiction and mental health treatment centers rely on group therapy to help clients with tasks such as identifying their strengths, improving communication and social skills, and overcoming challenges. Research on group therapy shows that it has proven effective in a…

Man considers the signs of a functioning alcoholic

3 Signs You Might Be an Alcoholic

Alcohol is a deeply rooted part of American culture. Legal and readily available, alcohol use is widely promoted everywhere you look. While plenty of people can drink alcohol without developing a problem, recent studies indicate that as many as 15 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. Though the terms abuse and addiction are often…

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5 Coping Techniques to Help with Anxiety

Anxiety involves intense worry, fear, and apprehension that has cognitive, emotional, and physical impacts. For example, when experiencing anxiety, you might have disturbing thoughts, feel scared or out of control, and have a racing heart and shortness of breath. The relationship between anxiety and addiction is complex and intertwined. Many people with anxiety disorders turn…

Woman with coffee works on how to beat seasonal depression

3 Signs You Have Seasonal Depression

With the holidays upon us, Americans are revving up to shop, decorate, make travel arrangements, and mark their calendars for parties and celebrations with co-workers, friends, and family. While touted as the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is fraught with anxiety and depression for millions of Americans. A significant number of…