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Reach out to Next Wind Recovery Today

At Next Wind Recovery, we’re dedicated to helping New Jersey residents heal from substance use disorders. Alcohol and opioid addiction especially have impacted countless individuals and families in our community. Overcoming addiction is a process, and we’re here to help you or your loved one every step of the way. One of the ways we help those in need is by providing several levels of care in our Englewood treatment center. Whether you’re just starting your journey to recovery or are working to rebuild your life in sobriety, Next Wind Recovery can help. Our outpatient addiction treatment program is ideal for those who have built a strong foundation for recovery during detox, a partial hospitalization program, and an intensive outpatient program.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your path to a life free from addiction, contact Next Wind Recovery today at 201.331.6569. You can also reach out to our team online to learn more.

How Outpatient Treatment Differs from Intensive Outpatient Programswoman gets outpatient detox

Outpatient addiction rehab is designed as the final step for those in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Typically, clients will go through the following levels of care:

  • Outpatient detox – We provide medical care and emotional support for withdrawal symptoms
  • Partial hospitalization programs – Clients spend time each day in our center participating in group and individual therapy sessions
  • Intensive outpatient programs – Clients return to Next Wind most days of the week but spend more time rebuilding their life outside of our center

Outpatient addiction treatment is the least intensive level of care we offer. This program provides support for clients as they navigate life in recovery. Clients might participate in several group therapy sessions a week and individual therapy as needed. Some clients might stay in this level of care for several weeks or months as they develop the healthy coping skills they need to maintain sobriety even in the face of stress and other triggers.

Are You a Candidate for Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Not sure whether outpatient addiction treatment is right for you? Consider the following:

  • Have you completed a more intensive treatment program?
  • Do you have a supportive living situation that is drug-and-alcohol-free?
  • Are you committed to participating in group and individual therapy sessions as recommended by our treatment team?
  • Are you working to rebuild your life in recovery by working, going to school, or taking care of responsibilities at home?

If you can answer “yes” to the above, it’s likely that an outpatient addiction treatment program at Next Wind Recovery is right for you.

What to Expect in Outpatient Treatment

During your time in a professional outpatient program, you’ll participate in therapy and other activities as recommended by your treatment team. Typically, this will include group therapy sessions several times a month. Additionally, you might participate in individual therapy sessions or check-ins with our clinical team as needed. Those who participate in medication-assisted treatment will also work closely with our clinical team. They might adjust your medications or help you wean off of them.

In outpatient treatment, you’ll work to become your healthiest, happiest self with the support of our team and your peers. We’re here to give you your second wind in life, and we’ll help you at every stage of your journey.

Reach Out to Next Wind Recovery Today

Connect with the Next Wind team today to find out if outpatient treatment is right for you. If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, opioids, benzos, or other substances, then we can help you rebuild your life. Contact us at 201.331.6569 or reach out online to learn more. We accept most insurance policies to ensure that those in our community receive the help they need.