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Drug and alcohol addiction damages many parts of a person’s life, so healing takes multiple strategies and tools. A group therapy program may be one of those tools. This type of group counseling allows a person to regain confidence, build skills for real-world situations, and learn about their addiction with other people. It can be rewarding and beneficial to long-term recovery. It is also one of the addiction treatment options we provide at Next Wind Recovery.

What Is Group Therapy?group participates in group therapy

Group therapy occurs when people who share similar needs come together to learn and grow. Group therapy generally happens with a small group of people and is led by a therapist. The therapist guides the conversation to allow for new ideas and topics to develop. There is no pressure in this therapy session, but engaging fully can offer many vital benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Meeting people who have the same struggles or those similar to your own
  • Creating an atmosphere where learning about addiction and its risks is easier to do
  • Bonding happens in many situations – some of these friendships last a lifetime
  • Learning strategies that can help a person to succeed in recovery
  • Opportunities for conversations with people who understand what you’re facing

Group therapy is a core component of most types of drug and alcohol treatment programs. Group therapy for mental health is also available.

What Happens in Group Counseling?

Though each session is different, the goal of group therapy is to encourage people to open up and work through their challenges together. Some sessions are educational, where a person learns more about their addiction, triggers, and complications they may face. Yet, a larger component is working through past experiences with the group and working through recovery. It can be helpful to learn how others have handled problems successfully or to role-play scenarios involving high stress or risk of use, which is successful in this environment.

A group therapy program enables a person to learn how to manage life after addiction treatment. That may include learning how to manage triggers, deal with bad relationships, and manage their health. Many times, mindful group therapy for addiction is critical for learning to develop new and healthy relationships again. That’s a big part of the struggle many people have.

Is a Group Therapy Program Right for You?

At Next Wind Recovery, group counseling is available as a component of addiction therapy and mental health treatment. It’s always beneficial to engage in therapy, but you never have to feel as though you have to share private information.

Group therapy does not take the place of individual therapy. During those sessions, you will work one-on-one with a therapist. These are good sessions for specific treatment for your unique struggles. We strive to protect your privacy during these therapy sessions.

Learn More About Treatment When You Call Next Wind Recovery Today

Our group therapy program in New Jersey is available to support your healing and recovery. Now is the best time to engage. Take the time to learn more about this type of therapy, how it works, and when you can get started. It is a core component of our treatment program. You can learn more about these opportunities, including:

  • Addiction treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Mental health treatment programs

A group therapy program can open the door for opportunities for your future. At Next Wind Recovery, we offer group therapy, which we’ve designed to support your long-term healing and recovery. Learn more about the work we do when you call our compassionate counselors at 201.331.6569 or connect with our team online today.