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Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic conditions, meaning that many of those who are in recovery will relapse without the right support and treatment. That’s why ongoing therapy, participation in support groups, and staying connected to a community are all so essential on the road to recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, know that lasting, sustainable recovery is possible. At Next Wind Recovery, our aftercare services are an essential part of our addiction treatment programs. Even after you complete a treatment program, we’ll help you as you rebuild your life in sobriety.

Someone recovering from alcohol addiction will need ongoing support and aftercare to help them maintain their sobriety. If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in New Jersey that offers aftercare services, reach out to Next Wind Recovery online or call us at 201.331.6569 to learn more about our offerings.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

Going through detox and maintaining sobriety throughout a drug addiction treatment program is a huge accomplishment. However, the road to recovery doesn’t end there. An aftercare program provides an ongoing treatment service for recovering people after they achieve sobriety.

In general, an aftercare program is any follow-up treatment for substance use disorder that occurs after the initial detox and addiction treatment programs. The goals of our aftercare program are to:

  • Connect clients with community resources
  • Provide ongoing support and education
  • Prevent relapses
  • Offer a network of support

Our levels of care include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient programs. We offer these levels of care in order to provide the right kind of support for our clients no matter where they are on their journeys to recovery. Aftercare is another layer of support and accountability. If you relapse or are tempted to relapse, being connected to our aftercare services will help you know where to turn.

What Are the Components of an Effective Rehab Aftercare Program?

Many treatments and therapies can be included in rehab aftercare programs. However, they should all fit somewhere in these four components of successful aftercare:

  • Health: These services will provide treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms or overcome relapse triggers. It can include mental health assessments and drug screens.
  • Home: These services focus on giving access to supportive and stable residences during and after the initial drug addiction treatment programs.
  • Purpose: Having a stronger sense of purpose can help to improve recovery. Helping people to find meaning through family, school, or work can also give them the motivation to stay sober.
  • Community: Building new and healthy social networks and improving current relationships also helps recovery. The community aspect of aftercare focuses on that sense of belonging and engaging in strong and loving relationships.

People in recovery often experience ongoing and systemic issues when living their lives and maintaining their sobriety. Good rehab aftercare programs will help in securing jobs, affordable housing, legal help, budgeting help, and more. Stress can be a significant trigger, and that’s why rehab aftercare programs are usually all-encompassing in their overarching goal to improve lives.

What Happens If You Relapse During Aftercare?

One of the main goals of rehab aftercare programs is to prevent relapses. However, studies have shown that many people recovering from substance use disorders do relapse.

If you’re on a rehab aftercare program and you relapse, it doesn’t mean that all your progress up until this point has been erased. I could mean that your rehab aftercare program needs a little tweaking and personalizing, though. Consider asking your treatment provider for support group recommendations or ask about options like living in sober-living houses or residential re-entry centers after you go through a detox program. Ask about other outpatient treatments you can access, too

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