Reach out to Next Wind Recovery Today


Reach out to Next Wind Recovery Today

doctor talks to patient about addiction treatment programs If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or opioids, Next Wind Recovery can help.

Our outpatient treatment center offers compassionate, high-quality care in a state-of-the-art facility. Here, you’ll find support from our team as well as your peers in recovery. We focus on helping our clients make lasting changes in their lives.

Learn more about our addiction treatment programs by contacting Next Wind Recovery today at 201.331.6569.

Do You Need an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program?

For those struggling with addiction to alcohol or prescription painkillers, it can be challenging to know when they need to reach out for help. Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, the following signs of addiction can help you decide to begin treatment at Next Wind Recovery:

  • Using prescription medication in ways other than as prescribed
  • Going to more than one doctor for a prescription
  • Turning to illicit drugs such as heroin
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking
  • Trying and failing to quit on your own
  • Personality changes and loss of interest in things you once enjoyed

If you’ve noticed any of the above in yourself or in a loved one, reach out to Next Wind Recovery today. We offer alcohol and drug rehab programs that can help you heal. Through medication, therapy and counseling, and consistent support, our clients find hope, healing, and freedom from addiction. To ensure that an individuals access to our recovery services isn’t limited by their growth and development with regard to potential employment/school opportunities, we offer both day & night programs available for all levels of care.

Our Options for Treatment

Next Wind Recovery offers a number of addiction treatment programs for opioid and alcohol addiction:

Our outpatient programs give our clients support and medical care as they go through withdrawal. During the process, our addiction counselors work with clients one-on-one to work through the underlying causes of addiction and build healthy coping skills for lasting recovery.

From the moment you reach out to Next Wind Recovery, you will be treated with understanding and kindness. We are here to help you live the life you want and deserve. This means we treat each of our clients with compassion, focusing on your goal of sobriety above everything else.

What Sets Next Wind Recovery Apart

Our providers, including doctors, nurses, and counseling staff are some of the best in New Jersey. Every member of our medical care team holds New Jersey licenses specific to their position within our clinic.

Our programs are built to provide care for everyone in our community. This is why we are in-network with a wide variety of insurance companies. We also have a low-cost self-pay option, and we work with every client to find a solution that will work for them.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Drug testing – We are available to give drug tests for everyone who needs it. This includes testing that is court-ordered, mandated by probation, or part of job requirements.
  • Court-ordered counseling – If the courts have ordered addiction counseling services, but not a full recovery program, we can offer one-on-one addiction counseling to satisfy the order.

Scheduling can be difficult. So we offer group and one-on-one meetings every day of the week, with 21 group meetings per week to choose from. Run by our licensed staff, our group meetings provide access to others who are going through the same things or have been where you are.

And to ensure that every client receives the personalized treatment they need, we limit the number of patients we see.

Reach Out to Next Wind Recovery Today

Contact us at 201.331.6569 or reach out online today to learn more. At Next Wind Recovery, you’ll find the strength and support you need to rebuild your life.