Reach out to Next Wind Recovery Today


Reach out to Next Wind Recovery Today

doctor talks to patient about Next Wind Recovery At Next Wind Recovery, our goal is to make highly effective addiction treatment as accessible as possible. Through therapy and support from others in recovery, we believe that long-term recovery is possible. Whether you’re concerned about a loved one or are reaching out to us for yourself, Next Wind Recovery can help.

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Who We Are

Our team is made up of addiction treatment professionals who want to help our clients achieve sustainable recovery. Our therapists work with clients to help them understand the underlying causes of their substance abuse and develop healthy coping skills. Our doctors ensure that clients receive the medications they need at the right doses. During outpatient detox, our goal is to make sure that clients are safe, and we offer medical care as needed.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Next Wind Recovery to redefine what outpatient addiction treatment is in New Jersey & to make highly effective, quality, addiction treatment as accessible as possible to those who want and need it. In doing so, Next Wind Recovery aims to be on the forefront of the fight towards destigmatizing mental health and addiction.

Our Vision

A place to catch your next wind and transform into the You, that you’ve always wanted to be.

Our Values

  • Equality: within our facility and radiating out outside of them. Providing a safe and caring environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and a sense of belonging; whether it be our clients or our staff.
  • Growth & Development: by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.
  • Compassion, Individualism & Community: Our individual differences strengthen our teams, and the trust and respect we have for each other infuses passion into everything we do. Opening our minds and combining our different backgrounds, experiences, world views & expertise; is what drives client success.

Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of treatment programs to help each of our clients heal. At Next Wind Recovery, we offer treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as co-occurring disorders, which might include depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program offers flexibility and independence as well as a high level of support for the early days of recovery. This program involves coming to our treatment center several days a week for group therapy and individual counseling. In our IOP, you’ll be able to heal and build the healthy coping skills you need for lifelong sobriety.

Private, One-on-One Counseling

Meet with our addiction counselors one-on-one to work through the causes of addiction and to work through triggers. In individual counseling, many of our clients feel more comfortable opening up about challenging issues they may have faced in the past.

Group Therapy

Run by our licensed staff, our group meetings provide access to others who are going through the same things or have been where you are. Group therapy is a cornerstone of our treatment plans and allows you to spend more time with a therapist. You’ll develop a network of support with your peers in recovery, as well.

Reach Out to Next Wind Recovery

Our team is available to take your questions and help you schedule your first appointment. We create personalized treatment plans that will meet your needs. We offer same-day treatment, which means that once you are cleared for treatment, you will immediately be scheduled for groups, individual counseling, and your medication will be sent to your local pharmacy for pick up that very same day. A doctor and nurse will perform a physical exam and review your health history to ensure our addiction treatment program is right for your unique needs.

Contact us at 201.331.6569 or reach out to us online to learn more about our addiction treatment programs. At Next Wind Recovery, you’ll find the support you need to make a lasting change in your life.